Transformational Teacher, Healer, and Divine Soul Activator Venus Sabay presents:

Your Body Is The Medicine


A 6 week group journey to activate your magical womb wisdom so that you can be fully aligned with your feminine power, magnetism, and Creatrix healer within

Your body is a sacred temple of wisdom with the ability to create, transform, and attract all that you desire to feel complete and at peace with your life. You are a force of nature who deserves to feel love for herself on all levels.

It’s time to fully claim your divine sovereignty and healing power! When you honor your body’s wisdom you no longer feel the need to prove yourself.


Meet Venus.

Venus is a transformational teacher, healer, and soul mentor with a deep passion to help others cultivate their sacred energy so that they can fully embody their true divine nature, power, and live a more soulful life.

Her fascination with transforming the soul started when she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. But it was in 2006 that she decided to immerse herself in the healing arts to overcome immune health issues, heal from toxic relationships, and find her authentic voice. This path lead to her purpose and she became a certified Medical Qi Gong and Meditation Instructor in 2012. Since then she has become a Certified Sound Therapy Healer, an Akashic Records Reader, Certified Yoga Nidra Practitioner, Certified Theta Healer, Energy Healer, and Red School Menstrual Mentor.

For the past 6 years she has been hosting women's circles to help women reclaim their divine feminine power through the wisdom of the menstrual cycle. It has been a lifelong vision of hers to gather and inspire women to fully own their worth, and feels immense heartfelt gratitude in doing this work and connecting with powerful, visionary women.

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